Body Build (50 grams)

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Body Build Formula has been specially developed for guinea pigs with growth retardation, (long-term) sick guinea pigs that continue to lose weight and recovering guinea pigs that have yet to gain weight. Body Build contains a lot of easily digestible proteins and dietary fiber. This product is also suitable as a complete coercive food for all sick guinea pigs. The fine powder dissolves well in water and can be easily administered with a syringe. Guinea pigs love it.

Dosage: 1 gram powder dissolved in 5-6 ml of water, 2-3 times a day.

Content: beet powder, rice bran, soy ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional value: protein 16.4%, fat 4.3%, fiber 17.3%, vit. C 0.5%, Ca:P = 3:2.

Weight: 50 grams.

*Body Build is a supportive agent, but not a medicine! If a guinea pig looks weakened, visit a veterinarian

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