Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is indispensable for metabolism. Guinea pigs cannot produce this substance themselves and must therefore receive about 50 mg per kg of body weight through their diet every day. Symptoms of vitamin C deficiency include: decreased appetite, dull coat, mucous membrane bleeding, dental abnormalities, paralysis and motor problems. Long-term deficiency is deadly.

The need for vitamin C increases during pregnancy, illness, recovery and wound healing (e.g. after surgery). Vitamin C plays an important role in neutralizing harmful substances, which are released during inflammation (free oxygen radicals), and in the production of connective tissue. A sick guinea pig needs about 100 mg per day.

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Dosage: (per kg body weight per day) 50 mg as support, 100 mg in disease. Dissolve 1 gram in 5 ml of water, in case of illness give 0.5 ml per day.

Suggestion: Give a pinch of vitamin C powder on a slice of cucumber 

Content: L-ascorbic acid

Weight: 10 grams (10.000 mg).

Vitamin C is a supportive agent, but not a medicine! If a guinea pig looks weakened, visit a veterinarian

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