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  • Bowel Boost (50 grams)
    Bowel Boost (50 grams)

    Bowel Boost is based on very finely ground beet pulp and wheat bran, which contain many easily digestible fibers and favorably affect intestinal fermentation.

    Dosage: 1 gram of powder dissolved in 6 ml of water, give every 3-4…

    € 5,95
  • Body Build (50 grams)
    Body Build (50 grams)

    Body Build Formula has been specially developed for guinea pigs with growth retardation, (long-term) sick guinea pigs that continue to lose weight and recovering guinea pigs that have yet to gain weight. Body Build contains a lot…

    € 5,95
  • Grass+ (50 grams)
    Grass+ (50 grams)

    Grass+ is the first choice supplemental formula for guinea pigs. This blend of wheatgrass powder and soy ingredients has been specially developed as an emergency food for critically ill animals. The protein content is increased…

    € 5,95
  • Electro-Lite (50 grams)
    Electro-Lite (50 grams)

    Electro-Lite is a rehydration formula, effective against dehydration in diarrhea, gas oils (gas formation in the gastrointestinal tract) and other diseases.
    The balanced mixture of sodium and potassium salts and alkalis fights…

    € 4,95
  • Biologic Wheat grass powder (50 grams)
    Biologic Wheat grass powder (50 grams)

    Wheatgrass comes from the seminal lobes of the corn plant It is a natural product in which the composition of the nutrients remains unchanged due to the quiet drying. The wheatgrass is free of additives and comes from certified…

    € 4,95
  • Soy milk powder (60 grams)
    Soy milk powder (60 grams)

    Soy milk powder is a natural and energy-rich supplement. It contains several nutrients and no lactose. It can be given as a seasoning to make the medicines and/or vitamins taste better, or as a treat. You can also use it to feed…

    € 4,95
  • Vitamin C (10 grams)
    Vitamin C (10 grams)

    Vitamin C is indispensable for metabolism. Guinea pigs cannot produce this substance themselves and must therefore receive about 50 mg per kg of body weight through their diet every day. Symptoms of vitamin C deficiency include:…

    € 1,99
  • Citric Acid (10 grams)
    Citric Acid (10 grams)

    Citric acid can be given to animals that often suffer from urinary problems, possibly in combination with medications. Citric acid is an alkalizing and calcium-binding agent. You can use it to prevent acidification (accidosis), or…

    € 1,99
  • Calcium Gluconate (25 grams)
    Calcium Gluconate (25 grams)

    To support dental problems (ADD).

    Please note! If your guinea pig is given Doxycycline or Doxybactin, wait at least half an hour before giving calcium gluconate.

    Dosage: Dissolve 1 gram powder in 1 ml water. Administer 0.5 ml…

    € 9,95
  • Syringe 1 ml
    Syringe 1 ml

    To give medication and (forced) feeding.

    € 0,50
  • Birch juice
    Birch juice

    Birch juice is known for its supportive effect on the urinary tract. For example, in cases of cystitis or impaired renal function birch juice is given regularly.

    Dosage: 3-4 ml, 2 times daily

    Tip: Prepare a wheatgrass mash with…

    € 3,49
  • Cooling plate
    Cooling plate

    Supports body temperature regulation on hot days

    Suggestion: Place the cooling plate in the refrigerator overnight so that it is ready to use during the day

    € 6,95
  • Sun protection
    Sun protection

    Sun protection for over a outdoor run.

    Size 116 cm by 72 cm

    € 7,49
  • Heat pillow
    Heat pillow

    Can be used both as a heating and cooling cushion. Easy to heat up in the microwave, or cool in the fridge. The diameter is 26 cm.

    Cover included.

    € 15,99
  • Vetramil Honey ointment
    Vetramil Honey ointment

    The ointment has a soothing effect and supports the regenerative capacity of the skin. It is easy to apply. Due to the greasy composition, the ointment also stays in place in a wet environment. Vetramil protects and purifies…

    € 9,99
  • Pill grinder
    Pill grinder

    For crushing pills

    € 6,99
  • Rodent grass
    Rodent grass

    Grow-your-own cereal seed

    Mixture of oats, wheat and barley

    € 1,99
  • Keychain

    For the real guinea pig fan!

    € 3,95
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